Today I’ll discuss the first phase of the Affiliate Business Model — STRATEGY.

First, you need to create a basic plan that you can execute over the coming weeks and months.  I’m going to lay this out for you and then I’ll explain why it’s important to plan your affiliate business this way.

Create a website designed to get sales for your affiliate product, then funnel as many people to that website as possible.

You’re probably thinking, why can’t I just promote my affiliate link?  Okay, stay with me and let me layout my strategy that will increase your affiliate commission checks considerably.

Let me explain some key points to success with affiliate marketing, then we’ll get back to talking about strategy.

Here's how many people promote their offer.

  • They simply publicize their affiliate link and send people directly to their website where the product sales page is waiting.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Who really gets the benefit of this method?
  2. What happens to those people who come but don't buy?

Think about this for a second.  When you send people to your sales page, who really gets the benefit of your effort?

I can give you a hint…it's NOT YOU.

The owner of the product gets most of the benefit.  Why?  Because if they are any kind of marketer at all, they'll have a LIST for their visitors to join.  Then THEY get to promote to that subscriber over and over again through their list.  And they don’t have to be exclusive to just their products either, they can promote other's products as well, even competing directly with you during major product launches.

If nothing else, they'll likely send a few follow-up offers to promote their own products and you SHOULD earn a commission for your initial referral.  However, the real value is in the list and the future offers that YOU can send to your clients.  Any of these future offers that THEY send to their list promoting other stuff will leave you out of the loop.

If you get people to funnel through your affiliate link to buy a product, then you need to capture their information on a list of your own so that you can promote future offers to these customers and keep the money coming into your pocket, not someone else’s.

Regarding the second question.  The average sales letter has around a 2% conversion rate.  That means that 98 out of every 100 people you send to your site will NOT buy from you.  What happens to these people?  They either leave your site never to be seen again, or they sign-up to the supplier's list and get offers from them.  Either way, it won’t help you in the future.

That's a missed opportunity, right?  You are looking at a relatively smaller payday for your investment of time and money in getting people to funnel through your affiliate link.

Fortunately, there's a better way.  The better way is to capture the subscriber's contact information first, before they click through your affiliate link.

Okay, in my opinion, here is the better way to promote your affiliate link.

1)  Setup a list for your website that your customers can subscribe to.  To entice them to sign up to your list, you can give away epic content such as a free report, a newsletter, offer a mini-course, share articles, etc.  Just make sure that it’s:

A.  Information your subscribers are interested in.
B.  Something related to the affiliate offer you're promoting.

     After your list is set-up and in place.

2)  Promote to your list INSTEAD of your affiliate link.  Your first objective needs to be to build YOUR list instead of someone else's list.  By using this method, YOU can promote offers to YOUR list over and over again giving you future sales and income.

3)  Redirect them to your affiliate link via your Thank You page.  Set up your list to redirect the new subscriber to a “thank you” page that confirms their subscription and tells them to check their email for the first issue/lesson/download link, etc.  Include a highlighted link that reads “Click Here to Continue”, or something to that effect.  That highlighted link will lead them to your affiliate link!

Now, what will this method do for you?

1.  You’re going to build YOUR list.
2.  You’re going to build YOUR brand (i.e., your name, your domain name or your list name).
3.  You’re going to build YOUR credibility (through the epic content that you share).

And, best of all.

You STILL get them to the affiliate product sales page like you wanted to in the first place.

     Now that you have your customers on a list (which is one of your most valuable assets as a marketer).

4)  Follow-up with your customers for long-term conversions.  Once subscribers join your list, it's your job to build a relationship with them.  Offer them value with great articles and other epic content that promotes your primary offer.  Don't stop there, promote other related offers to generate additional revenue for months and even years to come.

Just remember that you need to capture your customers on your list FIRST.  Never send customers directly to the sales page of the product or service you are promoting as an affiliate.  Always ensure that you get them on your list first.  This ensures that YOU are the one to get the ultimate benefit from your investment of time, money and effort.

Which is better…

Option A:  Promote your affiliate link and lose the person who clicks through your link NEVER to see them again, or

Option B:  Promote your list and have the ability to produce profit over and over again far into the future?

I want to reiterate the benefits of using Option B.

– You’ll get the opportunity to promote your affiliate links over and over again through a variety of offers of epic content (i.e., articles, reports, mini-courses, blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, forum posts, tips, newsletter issues, reviews, etc.).

– You’ll get the opportunity to build a relationship with your subscribers to earn their trust so they feel comfortable buying the products that you recommend to them.

– You’ll get the opportunity to promote not just one product, but many products over time, all earning you commissions.

– You’ll get the opportunity to learn your customers’ buying habits and to then fine-tune your promotions so your conversion rates skyrocket as more people on your list become paying customers.

I could go on and on, but I don’t want you to lose track of the FIRST STEP that’s in front of you.

The point is that this is an incredible model for affiliate marketing.

So remember, that’s our STRATEGY going forward.

Let me lay out what’s ahead of us in actionable steps.  Don’t sweat anything, I’ll be covering each of these steps in detail in future articles.

  1. You need to decide on several things…your niche, applicable keywords, a website name, etc. (I’ll give you information to help you decide).
  2. Set up your website (I’ll show you how to do this for free, or at low cost).
  3. Create your list (I’ll introduce you to autoresponders that keep your list for you).
  4. Promote your website (I’ll teach you several methods, most are free).

Each of these steps are going to take you about one to three hours a week.  But, the end result is going to be HUGE.  We’ll take this journey together one step at a time.  I PROMISE you will not get overwhelmed if you just take one lesson at a time.

I’m really glad that you stuck with me as I explained my strategy.  This will give you a good foundation to build from.

Congratulations!  You’ve completed the first phase of the Affiliate Business Model — STRATEGY.  Continue to Phase 2 – SELECTION here.

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To your success!


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